Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest sound in any language” - Dale Carnegie

What is the NameSleuth App?

What is the NameSleuth App?

NameSleuth provides event producers an App to solve a timeless challenge experienced by people who show up for organized events – knowing the names of their fellow attendees. This user-friendly technology solution allows attendees to access searchable, event-specific databases matching names and headshot photos, along with company affiliation, general physical descriptors (gender, hair color, height, etc.), allowing you to “sleuth” for names of the people you will want to say hello to while on-site and/or for future follow-up.

For Use Before You Arrive
Study faces and names before you arrive at the event by scrolling through the event database on your laptop or any mobile device anywhere you have Internet access. Create your own customized favorites list for most efficient “sleuthing”.

For Use On-Site at the Event
Who hasn’t experienced the awkward moment of seeing someone at an event but can’t think of that person’s name?   NameSleuth to the rescue! You can discreetly access the App on your smart phone and quickly click a few physical descriptor boxes, or search by company affiliation, and possible name/face matches pop up on your smartphone in real time – just in time for you to make smooth introduction.

For Use After Your Leave
Did you make a useful connection at the event but did not catch their name? No problem. Access the App after the event, search by physical descriptors, company affiliation or even just a first name and you will have a second chance with matching a name with a face in order to facilitate follow-up contact.

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