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Event Producer FAQ

Event Producer FAQs

How much does the App cost?

Event producers pay a $500 set-up fee plus $5 per person who registers for the App for their event. NameSleuth offers an optional “Concierge” service, which provides one or more representatives to be at your event to assist with on-site App registrations and functionality instruction. The cost for this service is $750 plus lodging.

Do event attendees pay anything for the App?

No, it is a free service for event attendees.

How much advance time do you need for use at an event?

For best results, we recommend that the App be reserved at least 45 days in advance of the event.

Is there a minimum or maximum number attendees for purposes of utilizing the App?

No, the App is completely scalable.

Can event producers sell sponsorships for the App?

Yes, NameSleuth makes it easy for event producer customers to have the App sponsored, allowing them the offset the cost, or even turning it into a revenue generator.

Will the App work for corporate events as well as events sponsored by associations?

Yes, the App will work for any event where advance registration is required and attendee e-mail addresses are provided to the event producer.

Can people who do not register for a participating event get access to the App?

No, participating event producers control access to the App.

Can NameSleuth be integrated into other event Apps?

No. While NameSleuth can compliment other event Apps it is stand-alone technology.

How is our event data kept confidential?

Attendee email addresses are used only for App registrations invitations and are never shared or sold to anyone and is stored in our secure servers.

What about the privacy of event attendees?

NameSleuth does not collect contact information nor financial information of the event producer’s attendees and with the exception of head shot photos (which are provided voluntarily) does not publish any information that is not already made public by participating event producers.

How are App invites communicated to attendees?

An email is automatically sent when new attendees are added. The invitation email can be customized by event producers and formatted with HTML. NameSleuth will assist in email formatting and will be sent via NameSleuth servers.

How do we reserve the App for our next event?

Simply complete and return the App reservation form with payment.

Do event attendees need internet access to utilize the App?

Yes, this is a cloud-based App, so a Wi-Fi and/or cellular internet connection is required for usage.

Who do I contact for more information and/or to arrange for a demo?

Contact NameSleuth Marketing Director Nicolene Botha at

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