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Attendee FAQs

Attendee FAQs

How Can I Get the App?

The App is made available exclusively through participating event producers for their registered attendees. These event producers will manage access to the App, which will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Please do not attempt to download the app unless you have received an invitation to do so from a participating event producer. If there is an event producer who you would like to become a NameSleuth partner, please encourage them to contact us.

Do I Have to Pay for the App?

No. Participating event producers provide access to the App at no cost for their registered attendees.

What Attendee Information is Included on the App?

In addition to head shot photos, event attendees submit their own basic physical descriptor information including gender, hair color, age range and height range. Contact information is not included, so this App is actually less invasive than most social media sites and other event-related Apps.

How is My Privacy Protected?

NameSleuth fully appreciates the privacy concerns of its App users. In this regard, NameSleuth does not collect, maintain or distribute any contact information that is not otherwise made publicly available by the event producer. We also do not collect, maintain or distribute credit card or any other other financial information from users.

Can I Communicate to Fellow Attendees Through the App?

No, the App is not intended to be a communication device. Rather, it has been designed to help you greet fellow attendees by name in person, at which point you may exchange contact information if you choose to do so.

Do I Need Internet Connection to Access the App?

Yes, the data is stored in the cloud so an Internet connection is required to access it.

Can I Access the App if I Don’t Register?

No, you must register with your own information in order to access the App.

Do event attendees pay anything for the App?

No, it is a free service for event attendees.

Can people who do not register for a participating event get access to the App?

No, participating event producers control access to the App.

Can I download the event without an invitation?

While the App can be downloaded through the Apple App Store or Google Play without invitation, it will be worthless to you because it will not be populated with event-specific information.

I never received an invite to register for the App, what do I do?

Ask the event producer to resend the invitation and if it is still not received, they can register from their device.

Can I download the App on my Blackberry, Windows or Other non iOS or Android Smart Phone/Tablet?

No. But you should be able to register and sign in from a web browser and navigate to

How can I reset my password?

Tap on the Forgot Password button on the login form and then enter your email address. You will then be sent a link where you can reset your password.

It is not taking my password…what do I do?

Reset it.

I cannot remember my password, can I have it resent to me?

Tap on the Forgot Password button on the login form and then enter your email address. You will then be sent a link where you can reset your password.

Why does the password have so many characters?

Information security. When you select the Remember Me option, a random sequence of letters and numbers is generated and used instead of your password.

Do I need to upload a headshot photo?


Do I need to include all of the requested physical descriptor information?


What if I do not have a head shot photo?

You can upload a photo directly from your iOS or Android device once you download the app.

My headshot photo is not uploading…what do I do?

Try from a different browser or device. If you continue to experience difficulty please send an email to detailing the device, operating system and browser.

How do I change some details of my profile?

Sign into NameSleuth and tap on the settings button with the gear icon.

How can I delete my profile?

Sign into NameSleuth and tap on the settings button with the gear icon and then tap on the Delete Profile button.

I downloaded the App straight from Apple App Store or Google Play and it does not work, what now?

Contact NameSleuth support at

How does the search feature work?

It filters by attendee name, company, title, gender, hair, facial hair, glasses, age and height.

How do I set up a favorites list?

Tap on the attendee you wish to add and then tap on Add to Favorites on their profile.

How do I get additional technical support?

Send an email to

I just registered for the conference on-site, when will I receive an invite to register for the App?

You will receive your invitation once the event producer uploads your registration information to the NameSleuth servers.

Can I use the App to contact other attendees?

No. NameSleuth is sensitive to the privacy concerns if its users. The App should help people meet in person. At that point, they are free to exchange contact information if they choose to do so.

Will I have access to the App after the event concludes?


What happens to my data after the event is over?

Your data stays on NameSleuth’s secure server once the event is over in order for you and other users to access attendee information after the event. It also makes the sign up process streamlined for the next conference you attend that utilizes NameSleuth.

Which browser is best for viewing NameSleuth?

Google Chrome.

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